AMP MAGAZINE Q: So where does a band from Louisiana find a bagpipe player and where does a kid from Baton Rouge learn to play the bagpipes?

 A: (Marshall) From the Celtic Society of Louisiana. I helped give bagpipe lessons there and Greg's (allen/Bass) girlfriend came to a general meeting to join the society. We were talking about other things we were in to. I mentioned i have been into punk rock for a long time, and she mentioned her boyfriend was in a punk band. The following monday Greg showed up at our bagpipes lesson and wanted to hear me play. I played a few tunes for him and he told me to come check out one of No Fuego's practices. That week i showed up and met the other guys. They also asked me to play something for them. That night they wrote "Live & Learn" and asked me to come do some pipe parts to it and it went on from there. My mom is scottish and irish and one of my uncles i looked up to was really into his heritage. As i got older i wanted to know more about mine. I mentioned to my wife i wanted to learn the bagpipes, a few months later she bought me a set. After months of searching for someone to teach me i found the Celtic Society and been taking and giving lessons there since.

Q: How did the band get together? (Had you known each other for awhile?)

A: (Remy) Well, the scene in Baton Rouge is pretty small and most of the musicians, espicially the ones who play punk music, are close. Shawn (Lee/Guitar) and Ty (Moore/Drums) had been in bands in Baton Rouge before and when I moved up from New Orleans we all just sort of got together to start No Fuego. Greg was added in on bass and Marshall was found shortly after. The musicians in Baton Rouge just sort of circulate through bands and projects until they find something that fits what they are looking for. We just got together and decided to write some songs and have a good time. After the songs were written, we booked some shows. After we played some shows we recorded a CD and so on. In the past years we've all become extremely close and i couldn't imagine my life without these guys. Now we're just a bunch of friends playing music cause that's what we love to do.

Q: Is there a decent punk scene in Baton Rouge and New Orleans?

A: (Greg) Depends on your definition of decent. The Baton Rouge scene is... well... dying. New Orleans will always be different than Baton Rouge. New Orleans is a music mecca. So the scene for anything music is always thriving. As far as the punk scene in New Orleans goes, it's far from over. Just taking it's time getting goin' after the storm and all.

Q: How was the band affected by Katrina? Have things gotten somewhatback to normal?

A: (Remy) I think everyone in Louisiana was affected by Katrina. My family lives in New Orleans and they got slammed. We lost alot. But we moved back and are pressing on, sort of the same way the music scene is doing. Yhe types of shows i use to go to as a kid don't happen anymore but the musicians there are pushing hard to get it back. As for the Baton Rouge guys, they experienced damages as well but they also had the influx of all the New Orleans guys moving there after the storm. Traffic was horrible and everyday life changed. My parents stayed in Baton Rouge with my brother for a few years until they could start rebuilding their house. Baton Rouge life has gotten back to "normal" (whatever that is) and New Orleans is well on it's way. The only thing that still pisses me off til this day is Katrina tours. Man, all i wanna do is drive home and live life like nothing ever happened and then i have to wait on a bridge behind a bus filled with tourists taking pictures out the window of the leftover scraps of our previous lives. I gently blow the horn, give them the finger and move on with my life. A little inconvienced, but what can you do? 

Q: What do you guys have planned for 2008?

A: (Shawn) Well, we just had our 1st label release in December which was pretty exciting! It was released on Unable Records. It's a split with The Bastard Suns from Atlanta Georgia called "Dropping Expectations". And we plan to do the same as any other year really, just tour a bit and promote the new release. We just had a full length release in May 2007 called "Always Outnumbered" which we're still pumping. Having 2 cd's with such close release dates kind of puts them in competition with each other, know what i mean? We don't wanna disappoint the label but at the same time we bled alot for that record and we intend to keep pushing... But everyone at Unable Records has been truly great to us! Mike and the whole crew seem to be really layed-back and not so much in your face as i could imagine some other labels being. Mike has been playin in punk bands since he was a younger cat so he understands what it's like to push yourself but not be a whore about it and mantain a level of integrity and self respect. Don't get me wrong, we're ALL shooting for a certain goal but we don't feel we're being made out of plastic, ya know? I believe if you think of it that way then your shelf live has no experation.

 Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: Yeah, thanx to Unable & the Bastards we appreciate you guys! Check it ~